Zombie Series


Zombie Summer School Diaries

Have you heard of a zombie going to a summer school? Do zombies go to school in the first place? Apparently, they do attend classes with other monsters and they have a skeleton for their history teacher! 


If you think summer school is L-A-M-E and D-U-L-L like Ugh the zombie, you better think again! Join Ugh at the start of his classes and discover what summer school has in store for him!



Diary of a Drowned Series

Brace yourselves as your world gets filled with lots of fun and excitement as you join Carl the Creeper on his quest to find his family!

Julius was living a normal life with his friends in a nice village. Everything in his life went by without much of a concern.

Until one day, when the Zombies came for him. Julius didn’t know what was happening, and why the Zombies were specifically targeting him and no one else. Julius was cornered by the Zombies and had jumped into a lake to escape. Unfortunately, he was caught by the Drowned, who lived deep in the lake. Julius passed out as he struggled to free himself from the Drowned.

Julius woke up and to his surprise he was no longer a human. He had been transformed into a Drowned!

The Drowned promised Julius that he will regain his humanity back if he helps them find their precious artifact.

What artifact must Julius retrieve and why was it important to the Drowned? If Julius helped them can they be trusted to transform him back to become a human again?

The Village Raider

Is there more to a Minecraft Zombie than just being scary?

Minecraft Zombies, the infamous creatures, known for destroying the wooden doors of poor villagers and attacking distracted players all over the game. These green-skinned creatures may not be as terrifying as the Creepers, but they sure know how to cause some trouble!

The secrets about Zombies will be revealed now through the diaries of Toby Vicks, a zombie, who has decided to write about his life in Zombie City.

That’s right! Zombies also live in cities like people do! Zombies are actually extremely organized as a society. Not only that, but Toby intends to tell more about his father, who is one of the most successful Village Raiders of all times.

How exactly does that work? What does Toby do in his usual Zombie life? What adventures lie ahead for the young zombie? Read on to know more about Zombies and understand why they are always so busy trying to raid villages!

The Lousy Zombie

In the world of Minecraft, being a mob means one thing: doing what everyone else in your mob does.

This proves a little harder for Jasper. A kid zombie who can’t get a grip of fighting without using his head, he’s mocked by fellow zombies and called a misfit.

Tired of not belonging, Jasper decides to leave home and be good at something else. His idea in particular?

Acting like another kind of monster, Jasper will try to climb with the Spiders, sneak with the Creepers and do everything in his power in order to find a place where he belongs.

Is such a feat possible for a naïve Zombie such as himself, though?

And what will the other monsters think about his unconventional ways?