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Witches of the Overworld: The Complete Story Collection, 12 adventures in 1 book

What do you know about Minecraft witches?

Mark Mulle compiled three of his most beloved stories on witches in one book. Meet Wendi, Verita, and Ann; discover their amazing journey in Minecraft. Most Witches have a reputation for attacking those whose paths they cross. They use their potions to cause harm and drive others away. Not these Witches.

Included in this boxset is the complete series for:

Wendi the Friendly Witch
While Wendi still enjoys brewing potions, just like any skilled Witch would, she hopes to use them to help those around her rather than for harm.

Her dearest wish is to make a true friend. Follow Wendi, and her pet Wolf, as she interacts with the creatures, and an Adventurer, who lives near her new Jungle Hut.

Diary of a Potion Maker
Verita is a witch with amazing potion-making skills. She wants to share her potions with people… and maybe even make a living with them.

She found a village where she sets up her potion shop and it was a hit. At least that’s how it goes at first.

Verita is about to discover that not everyone in the village loves the idea of magic and potion. Unfortunately, these protesters are eager to do everything just to make Verita’s potions disappear for good!

Becoming a Witch
Ann is a Villager who lives in a charming village. She works in the field planting crops with her friends, Ally and Pete. Their village trades items with the humans who visit them every now and then.

One day, though, the village is attacked by a group of griefers. The innocent Villagers thought the humans came to trade but instead the humans destroyed their village.

Ann is frustrated with the attack and wants to find a way to fight back. What if the humans return to destroy the village again? She wants to defend herself and the Villagers against that. Ann seeks a Witch to see what can be done.

But what Ann doesn’t know is that she’ll have to do some drastic changes in order to save her people from the griefers.

Is she willing to give up her life as a Villager and become Witch to protect her beloved village?

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