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Villains of the Overworld

What do Skeleton, Guardian, Enderman, and Wither have in common? Are they evil mobs? Villains?

Mark Mulle compiled 20 of his Minecraft adventure stories into one book featuring these mobs. 103. 609 words of thrilling Minecraft quest.

Included in this boxset is the complete series for:

Diary of a Lost Enderman – a young enderman got lost from his family as they escaped a mob that destroyed their city. Will he be reunited with his dad again? Who is terrorizing his city?

Diary of an Enderman’s Adventure – discover where his fondness for cakes will take him to. Will his teleporting to other places when he’s supposed to be working on the Ender city lead him to trouble with the Ender Dragon?

Diary of Erik Enderman – Erik Enderman has been stealing blocks all his life, but he never knew what to do with the blocks that he stole. All that changes when he meets Steve.

Diary of a Soldier Skeleton – Sam is a girl skeleton living in a period in Overworld when girls are not treated as equal to boys. She’s starting to get sick of the unfair treatment… until the day came when everything changes!!

Diary of Bony the Skeleton – Bony, the bowless skeleton, schemes behind his dad to get his precious bow. Will Bony finally get to have his bow? Or will his plans backfire causing more trouble?

The Guardian Protector of the Ocean Monuments – someone tries to steal the golden blocks of the ocean monument. Kes, the guardian, will do everything to stop the perpetrator from getting the blocks he is guarding. But what do they want the block for?

The Wither Trials – Herobrine has brought to life a creature of legends: the Wither. What will Herobrine do with the Wither?

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