The White Eyed Ghost’s Promise (Book 2): Herobrine’s Manor

Herobrine captured and imprisoned the members of the server that James played on. James is making his way to the Marble fortress to save his friends.

Encountering a number of traps, from TNT explosives, to monster spawners, James goes room to room rescuing each and every friend. From the Scribe Gideon who wants nothing more than to be reunited with their leader Fenrir to Gofan the blacksmith, who happens to be more than just your run of the mill blacksmith. James will even receive some last minute support from both Roland and Welyn as well, the two warriors who seem to be a bit more prepared than James.

However, the story will reach a fever pitch ending as James faces off against Herobrine. But a few questions still remain: Is making his way through the fortress alive enough to defeat Herobrine, or does Herobrine have more up his sleeve than just a few trip wires?

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