The Valiant Wolf’s Diaries (Book 9): Conspiracy

Steve and his loyal pack of four wolves went to the city of Epheral to investigate its leader, Mozeib. He is clearly hiding something, and Steve knows that Mozeib must be the reason for the animals’ disappearance.

While in the city of Epheral, Steve receives a new lead from the citizens: all of the wild animals are kept in a high-security prison known as the Dump, where guards keep them on watch 24/7.

It seems that Mozeib has a boss of some sort, and he lives in the neighboring city of Morvarth. If Mozeib has a boss, does it mean his boss is the one behind everything? What are the citizens of Morvarth doing? And what is the relation between Morvarth and Epheral?

Now Steve and his wolves have three different leads: they can stay at Epheral to investigate more, go to Morvarth  or to the Dump. Where should they go first? And what should they do to restore everything to normal?

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