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The Temple of Destruction Trilogy

Is the legend about Herobrine true?

Join Notch as he unravels the mystery about Herobrine. His complete adventure in one Minecraft book. No more guessing what will happen next. Read and find out what happened in the Temple of Herobrine, the friends Notch will make along the way and the epic battle between Notch and Herobrine.

In this Minecraft book are the following stories:

Book 1: The Lost Treasures (The Unfinished Game) – Is the legend of Herobrine true?

Notch has finally achieved his lifelong dream of tracking down the legend of Herobrine. His journey leads him to the temple that had been given to Herobrine in his honor. Notch is thrilled to discover treasure but his actions lead to unleashing the terrible force of Herobrine out onto the Overworld. Will Notch be able to figure out the mystery of Herobrine and put him to rest?

Book 2: The Curse

Notch’s journey leads him to Herobrine’s home where he discovers something startling – he can view Herobrine’s past memories.

As Notch unlocks Herobrine’s past and dodges vicious attacks from Herobrine, including creepers and even elder guardians, he discovers he is back where he started – the Temple of Herobrine.

Book 3: Notch versus Herobrine

Can Notch defeat Herobrine?

Piecing together the last of the clues, Notch and his two friends must venture back into the terrifying temple to discover how to put Herobrine to rest for good. Will Notch be able to figure out the final piece of the puzzle? Or will it be too late for him to lock Herobrine away?

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