The Quest: The Trials of the Circle (Book 14): Herobrine’s Secret

Steve is shocked when Herobrine turns up on his doorstep. For ages, he has thought that Herobrine only existed in the world of Minecraft. So, how could his friend be standing in front of him?

Herobrine is nervous about meeting Steve. He has traveled a long distance to come clean and ask his friend for help. He can’t help but be worried that Steve won’t want to invite him inside.

For the first time, Herobrine tells his secret past. Detailing what it is like in the Circle, and why he had to go into hiding, Steve learns more about his best friend than he ever thought possible.

As Herobrine shares his story, will Steve want to help him shut down the Circle for good? Or will he feel betrayed by only discovering the truth now and turn his friend away?

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