The Quest: The Snow Labyrinth (Book 7): A Place of Legend

Steve is hoping for a quiet life in Minecraft. After saving Herobrine and the game he loves from the Scarlet Hero, he wants nothing more than to enjoy the game.

But everything changes the day he stumbles across a village full of diamonds. There he is attacked by something he has never seen before – red creepers. On top of that, Steve stumbles across another player named Elena, who seems to share a connection to the game similar to the one that he has.

Steve knows Herobrine is in trouble. After finding out he is located in the Snow Labyrinth, a place of legend that no one even thinks is truly real in Minecraft, he knows where they have to go.

Together, Steve and Elena must figure out what this unseen world of Minecraft is made out of, who has kidnapped Herobrine, and how to get to the Snow Labyrinth.

Or will Steve lose the game he loves and his friend, Herobrine?

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30 Little Unknown Minecraft Survival Tips

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Learn the food to take, the ammunition to buy, the wood that will light the best fires, and the things to avoid in order to stay alive. Study the various ways to evade death and the food you need to stay energized. Understand the best metals for the game and how to protect your villagers from decimation.

You will not want to put this book down as you learn the ins and outs to the games, and are guided into the intricacies of warfare.