The Quest: The Oasis (Book 12): In Peril

Minecraft is down. In an attempt to stop Scarlet Hero and his plan to block people from playing the game, the entire server has crashed.

Now, Steve must find a way back into the game. His way in? His friend Elena, who is still connected to the game in a stroke of luck. Disconnected from his friend, Herobrine, Steve hopes for the best to get back to the Oasis.

With the world of Minecraft in peril, and the Scarlet Hero determined to control the game himself, Steve knows that he must find a way to fix things. The Oasis holding the unstable energy must be dispelled or else Minecraft will forever be unplayable.

Each time someone uses their abilities, the server grows more unstable. At the risk of ruining the game forever, Steve, Elena and Herobrine must work together to stop Scarlet Hero. Will they be able to save the game they love so much or will Scarlet Hero prevail with his evil plan?

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