The Quest: The Oasis (Book 10): An Old Foe

After surviving Herobrine’s trials, the Scarlet Hero, and the Snow Labyrinth, Steve is content to live a quiet life in the game of Minecraft.

He should know better.

A visit from Herobrine changes his world yet again. All the times they have used their special abilities to change the game or connect to the servers, the power has been dumped into a place called the ‘Oasis’. Herobrine wants to safely remove the power before it explodes, possibly ruining the game for other players.

Together, the two friends head to the Oasis to get rid of the energy. However, things take a turn for the worst when someone not only seals them into the Oasis, but takes their special connection to Minecraft away from them.

After calling on the help of his old friend, Elena, the group of friends must figure out just what is going on. Why are they being pulled towards a desert palace? Why is Elena the only one with powers now?

And worst of all – the enemy behind this might be someone Steve has faced off with previously.

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