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The Quest: Steve and the Scarlet Hero: Book 4: The Return of Herobrine

Steve’s quest is not yet over. He is back with a brand new adventure! This is the sequel you have been waiting for.

Steve has been enjoying playing Minecraft ever since Herobrine had helped him through a series of tests that made him more powerful in the game.

With a greater understanding of Minecraft as well as special abilities that only he has, Steve has been playing quietly.

But everything changes the day his house is attacked by some mysterious force. People on the Minecraft forums are saying that it is the return of Herobrine. But something about the attack doesn’t seem like Herobrine. Steve considers Herobrine his friend. He couldn’t imagine his friend attacking innocent Minecraft players.

Steve decides he is going to get to the bottom of things and check in on his friend Herobrine. But getting to meet up with Herobrine isn’t as easy as it seems. He must fight wither skeletons, ghasts, witches and other creatures that are seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

Where will Steve’s new quest take him? Just who is behind the mysterious and deadly changes taking place in Minecraft?

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