The Obsidian Cube (Book 2): The Skeleton King

Captured and pressed into service by the skeletons, Steve searches for an escape route deep underground.

Meanwhile, on the surface, Alex fears that Steve has been captured by Draugr. Putting her own fears aside, she resolves to seek him out and rescue him. But to do this, she will have to infiltrate the enormous, labyrinthine castle of the Skeleton King. There she knows she will find dark corridors lined with marching skeletons, cages of ravenous zombies, and caverns filled with Creepers. What she doesn’t know is that there she will be forced to make terrible choices, discover dark secrets, and worst of all, face her own deepest fears.

Will she be able to escape once she passes the dark gates of the Skeleton King? Can she survive against such fearful odds? And what will she learn of Draugr’s true plans?

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