The Legend of the Snow Dragon (Book 2): Stolen Egg

As Ziggy struggles to remember his past, he also needs to protect the snow dragon egg from those who wants to steal.

Ziggy has run head on into the group of people he knows he needs to avoid. Desperate to escape, he manages to hide long enough so Mark and the others can’t take him away.

Once back in Blue’s house, the two of them know they need to get to the bottom of what is going on. Why has Ziggy lost his memories? Who is helping the group of men steal the snow dragon egg? As Ziggy struggles to remember things, a plan is uncovered involving the king. Will they be able to figure it out in time?

Blue risks everything she knows on a hunch that not all is right in Snowfall Village. Putting her own safety at risk, she decides to leave with Ziggy. Together, they plan on climbing up the mountain of the snow dragon.

But the mountain is full of dangers and enemies. Together the two of them must overcome the obstacles to try to make it to the top of the mountain. Will they do so before Mark catches up with them?

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