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The Friendly Creeper Diaries The Moon City Book 6: The Moon Dragon

With the secret of the Moon City revealed, Mike knows that it is more important than ever to stop Anderson from carrying out his plan. Together with Star, the two of them make a narrow escape and must plan what to do next.

With Anderson closing in around them and getting ready to take over the throne, Star knows she has to protect the secret of the Moon City. The two split up. With Star taking to the surface, Mike has to go deeper into the Moon City. Along the way, he is reunited with David. Together, the two friends have to save the rest of the city.

As Anderson leaves for the castle, Mike and David chase after him. However, Anderson is stronger than ever with unlimited magic. In order to stop him, they will have to cut off his power supply and make sure he doesn’t reach Star. Will they make it in time? Or will Anderson succeed with his evil plan?

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