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The Friendly Creeper Diaries The Moon City Book 5: The Secret of the Moon City

Mike and David have hit a dead end. With the king taking them back to the dungeon, they aren’t sure what else to do.

Help comes from an unexpected place for our two heroes when Anderson, part of Star’s people, saves Mike and David. He takes them to the Moon City where he surprises them by telling them that they cannot leave.

But Star has another idea. Tired of being forced to live underground, she wants to try to convince her people to work with the king and live in peace.

Star’s plan falls to pieces when the Moon City is betrayed. Mike, David and Star must figure out how to stop the battles from spreading to the Over World. On top of that, there is still the secret of the Moon City that has to be uncovered.

With Star’s help, the two friends know they have to put a stop to the problems that are springing up around them. Will they be able to do it? Or is war about to start in the Over World?

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