The Friendly Creeper Diaries Book 2: The Wither Skeleton Attack

The village is under attack by the Nether and the Wither Skeletons are coming after the Creepers – Mike and Alex. 

Mike and his friend, Alex, have found safety in a human village with their new human friend, David. However, just as soon as they get settled, the village is under attack by the Nether! They quickly learn that the wither skeletons are coming after them only. But why?

When David’s aunt and the mayor of the village, Margery, falls into the Nether portal, the boys realize they must figure out just what is really going on. As they discover the legend of the king of the Nether, they know they must decide what they are going to do next.

David wants to save his aunt. Mike wants to get to the bottom of everything and be safe. Alex is anxious to know what happened to their group in the jungle. Will the boys be able to figure out their next move or are they destined to wait for the Nether to snatch them up?

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