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The Fearless Snow Golem’s Diaries, Book 2 and Book 3

Book 2: Exploring the Overworld
Snow Golem Edd struggled to leave the community where he lived with the other Snow Golems. The Snow Elder and the other inhabitants didn’t agree with his plan of leaving the place to explore the world and find his dad.

Crossing The Edge, which separated the tundra from the other biomes was the biggest taboo in the community’s history, and according to the rumors, trespassing this forbidden border could melt a Snow Golem.
Despite all criticisms and rumors, Edd took the courage needed to cross The Edge, right in front of the entire Snow Golem community, who witnessed a Golem doing that for the first time. Edd’s father had crossed it 14 years prior to that day, but his mother was the only one who witnessed it.

Now, free from the chains of the community, Edd is ready for a new adventure in the world of Minecraft. He intends to find other creatures and communities, and meet new races. But what Edd is bound to find is much worse than he thought, and he will discover that this world is full of injustices that must be dealt with.

Book 3: Finding Dad

Snow Golem Edd left his home from the Snow Golem community to explore the world and find his missing father. He knew, from the very beginning, that this would not be an easy and safe journey, but Edd was determined to go on.
He met many different creatures during his trip, such as the villagers and even humans. But Edd was completely unaware that the relationship between these two mobs would cost him his freedom…

Edd will have to deal with risky situations, and he will also learn that in this world, not everything is as easy as it seems. Trying to change everything might cost someone more than they’re willing to give up.

If that isn’t enough, Edd still needs to find his father and take him back home. This quest seems like an impossible mission; one in which Edd may not have the opportunity to complete if he doesn’t deal with his other issues first.

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