The Eyeless Trilogy

Mobs are behaving badly and zombies have kidnapped Alex.

Book 1: Saving Alex
Steve is just an ordinary person, working hard to get his fill in the harsh Overworld. But one morning when he sets out for a mining trip with his best friend Alex, things go wrong. Mobs are behaving strangely and zombies have kidnapped Alex. He needs to find her and bring her to safety; all while being watched by a strange figure in the fog.

Book 2: The Apprentice
It has been years since Steve and Alex had their encounter with the King Zombie. Things have been very peaceful since then, apart from the occasional zombie raids on the village. Steve and Alex have even taken on an apprentice from the village; a small boy named Jack.

But the man with no eyes is lurking close by, and he has taken Jack to a dimension most evil. Alex and Steve now need to find their young friend and bring him back!

Book 3: The Missing Villagers
It has been years since Herobrine has shown his ugly head, but he has returned. A large number of villagers has gone missing and our heroes need to rescue them, but it seems this time they will have to face Herobrine to save their friends.

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