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The Enemy’s Revenge Trilogy

They thought Herobrine has been defeated! But the white eyed ghost is back stronger than ever. Can they beat him for a second time?

The Enemy’s Revenge, Book One: Ghost Sightings
Notch, James and Pauline have settled back into their quiet lives. But when Pauline hears a rumor of someone seeing a spirit like Herobrine, the group heads towards a village by the sea to find out more. What they find begins a brand new adventure which takes them from a small village to a volcano and into the Nether. What is Herobrine going to do this time and can they stop him in time?

The Enemy’s Revenge, Book Two: Kidnapped
Deep in the Nether, Herobrine kidnaps Pauline. James and Notch must battle creatures of legends and go to the depths of the ocean to save her. But when they find her, will she be the same Pauline they knew from before? Or will they find someone changed by Herobrine completely?

The Enemy’s Revenge, Book Three: To The End World
With Pauline rescued and having a powerful connection to Herobrine, the group heads off to The End to finish off the final battle. Going back to the Nether, battling with a witch and dealing with the Ender Dragon – can Notch save the Over World from Herobrine’s wrath once more?

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