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The Dragon’s Mountain, Book Two: The Hidden Village

Mike, Jerry and Micah manage to pull a miraculous escape in the face of imminent danger. But will their luck run out? 

Not only do the three friends have to deal with Jake, the evil leader of the Greenfoot clan, but they also have to deal with a familiar face from their past. This particular player is one of the most ruthless and most dangerous clan leaders that they have yet to face.

Luckily, our three heroes prove to be resourceful enough to live to craft and mine another day.

But will their luck run out? 

It might, as they find themselves lost, starving and surrounded by monsters in the middle of the desert.

This second part of our story is even more exciting and full of sudden twists and new characters, making readers follow our heroes each step of the way on their journey to The Dragon’s Mountain.

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