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The Doppelganger – Book Two and Book Three

Steve’s doppelganger is the new, terrible King of Chance.

Book Two – Steve versus Herobrine
After discovering his doppelganger is the new, terrible King of Chance, Steve was locked away in the dungeons to await punishment for his assassination attempt on his doppelganger’s life. Now, what awaits Steve is a grand mystery—the mystery of who this supposed king really is—and even greater threats than he has ever faced. In this odyssey through the world of Minecraft, a jailbreak with an old ally, a death-defying turn of luck with a new ally, and a life-threatening encounter with an old enemy all bring Steve closer to discovering the secrets hidden in his quaint hometown and the trauma buried in his fragmented memory.

Book Three: The Ender Dragon Reborn
With a thief and a weapon-maker on his side, Steve is ready to stand against the King of Chance, whose secret he now knows. But will it offer him any advantage over someone as powerful as this doppelganger of his? Set against a Minecraft backdrop, Steve must build and fight his way to victory over an evil that made the King of Chance into the dark being that he has become. Join Steve through a fast-paced, adrenaline-laced story to the conclusion of this adventure trilogy.

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