Defenders Of The Overworld : The Great Big Book of Minecraft Adventure Stories for Kids

Over 40,000 words, 6 thrilling Minecraft adventures in one book!

Follow Rick the Zombie Hunter turn Captain of the Overwatch and Steve as they saved Minecraftia from zombies, griefers, trolls and other mobs. Discover their epic battle in the End World against the dreaded Ender Dragon. Learn how these two made friends with the friendliest and the most intelligent zombie their is! Read their Minecraft diaries in one book!

Featured Minecraft stories you will enjoy:

Diary of a Zombie Hunter

Book One: The Zombie Specialist

Book Two: Zombie or Griefers

Book Three: The Captain of Overwatch

Diary of Champion Steve

Book One: Mr. Troll

Book Two: To the Rescue

Book Three: The Traitor

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