The Adventurous Creeper and the Lost Kingdom Book 4: The Legend of Charlie the Creeper King

After the adventures Carl went through with his friends to save the Dragon Lord, life has been quiet. Even though he feels as if he has a place to belong now, Carl can’t stop researching the legend of Charlie the Creeper King and his lost kingdom.

The legend stated that long ago, creepers had an entire kingdom to themselves. One day, they mysteriously vanished. Carl, anxious to discover if the legend is real, sets off to follow the trail.

Along the way he meets a human, Chloe, who is also looking into the lost kingdom legend. The two team up to discover the mystery.

But the path to the kingdom isn’t as straight and narrow as Carl is expecting. He finds himself dealing with jungles filled with carvings, monsters that are seemingly drawn to them, and skeletons that sneak up on them.

Traveling from a mysterious jungle all the way to a secret water temple, Carl and Chloe are determined to discover the truth of the creeper kingdom legend.

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