Steve’s New Neighbors: The Wither Skeleton King (Book 5): To the Rescue

Steve and his friends return on a mission to save the prisoners of the Nether fortress. The wither skeleton is forcing blacksmiths and witches to create, and arm, his army and Steve, Alex and the villagers are determined to put a stop to it. Now that they know the dangers that are growing in the Nether, they are more determined than ever to protect their village. How will the village work together to protect its lands and people? Can they prepare to fight the battle that will surely come if they succeed in escaping with the wither skeleton’s enslaved workers?

As they set about the task of repairing the village from the destruction that resulted in the final battle, they begin to realize that they have a lot of work left ahead of them. Strange things have been happening in the Overworld, and they will soon discover that even stranger things are occurring in the Nether. Travel with them as they seek answers, try to save the village, and journey into the Nether in search of the mysterious Blaze. Can they return home safely? Or, will the dangers that await them through the portal be enough to make them realize that the war is not over. It has only just begun.

Can they free the captured creatures of the Overworld and escape before the army discovers what they have done? Will they be able to complete the mission and return home alive?

Other books of this exciting series:
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Book 2: Fighters in Training
Book 3: South Meadow Zombie Clan
Book 4: Finding the Cure
Book 6: One Last Battle

When Steve, Larry, and Alex need help in their mission, meet the unexpected characters who will aid them.

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