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Steve’s New Neighbors : Book 1 to 15, the Complete Story Collection

I’ve compiled the first twelve adventures of Steve and his friends and added three more never release stories in this box set! That’s more than 150, 000 words of thrilling Minecraft exploit.

Read how it all started for Steve the noob and the many perils he conquered to be the greatest hero of Minecraft. Be amazed with how he together with his friends: Alex, Larry the Librarian, and Elysa the Witch defeated the Wither Skeleton King, Gilda the Terrible Witch, and the menacing Illaggers.

Stories featured in this book are:
Book 1: Steveville
Book 2: Fighters in Training
Book 3: The South Meadow Zombie Clan
Book 4: Finding a Cure
Book 5: To the Rescue
Book 6: One Last Battle
Book 7: A Dangerous Foe
Book 8: The Secret Chamber
Book 9: Bearded Benjamin
Book 10: The Phantoms
Book 11: The Illagers
Book 12: The Evoker
Book 13: The Hunt for the Evoker
Book 14: A Stranger from the Snowy Tundra
Book 15: Defeating the Illusioner

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