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Steve’s New Adventure Book 9: The Griefer’s Gambit (Changing Horizon) 

Steve and Alex have been captured by the bounty hunters, who threaten to take them back to the villainous Mortimer. With Bastion now under his control and their allies spread in four directions of the wind, it seems their only hope lies with who was once their greatest nemesis.

Across the world, James knows that they are facing a much larger threat.

A mysterious girl seems to have mastered a new kind of magic, that of Modification. It is with this terrible trickery that she turned Enchantro into a fire-breathing dragon, heading straight for Bastion to exact his revenge.

But James has been powerful before.

And he knows better than anyone how power corrupts.

With his friends in danger, and this new reality-bending magic no doubt being the kind that could lead to the end of the world, it is up to James – once the world’s most dangerous Griefer – to save the things he has grown to care about.

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