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Steve’s New Adventure Book 8: The Never-Ending Nether (Changing Horizon) 

Steve and his friends are stuck in a Nether none of them recognize.

From massive, ash mountains of basalt rising in the distance, to forests both blue-green and crimson that meet on opposite sides of rivers of lava – Steve, Alex, and James are terrified. Aspects of the Overworld have been known to change, but they’ve never faced an entire dimension shifting into something else.

Behind them, Enchantro and his evil gang of bounty hunters are on their trail.

Before them, a house stands in the distance – a mansion both spectacular and strange.

When Steve and his friends find safety at a party being held in the worst place imaginable, things seem like they’re finally looking up. All Steve and his friends need to do are enjoy some cake, and chat with some of the guests, and then the owner of the mansion will take them to the nearest portal back home.

But when guests start disappearing one by one, the party in the Nether reveals itself to be something sinister. Only by keeping their wits about them in the dry air can they solve a mystery… but they need to hurry.

Every time the redstone lamps flicker for a few moments, someone vanishes.

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