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Steve’s New Adventure Book 7: Caravan of Misfits (Changing Horizon)

Bastion has been lost.

Steve and his friends have managed to escape what was once their home, now in the hands of the evil businessman Mortimer. Steve knows they won’t get it back without a fight – and he feels too hopeless to even try.

Another adventure means danger, and danger means chaos.

For the first time in a while, Steve can’t help but feel that things would be better if he had stayed in the little block house he shared with his faithful cow. The world was simple then: Steve mined for ores, and he chopped trees for wood.

As Steve’s friends start going their separate ways, a caravan of misfits is all that remains. There’s the forgetful blue fox named Foxfree, and his fishbowl-headed companion, Maurice. There’s the quick talkin’ cowgirl named Sunny, and the villain-turned-ally James.

They escape into the big, blocky world, hoping to find answers, and Steve wishes for nothing more than a chance to put adventure behind him.

The only problem is that it seems like they’re being followed…

Between the monsters in the depths of the ocean, to weird happenings late at night, Steve is certain that something dangerous is always one step behind them.

Can the Caravan of Misfits find what they’re looking for?

Or will peril finally catch up to them?

Find out in this new exciting new chapter in the Changing Horizon series by Mark Mulle.

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