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Steve’s New Adventure Book 6: The Mushroom War (Changing Horizon)

Steve and his friends finally land on the shores of Fungalia. After risking their lives to reunite the populace with the endangered Mooshrooms, it seems an ending is finally on the horizon. But Steve and his friends quickly realize that things are not what they seem…

In this epic conclusion to Steve’s adventure in saving Fungalia from the clutches of Emerald City, old friends and new enemies emerge from the shadows. As Alex escapes to try and stop anyone from getting hurt, Steve finds himself fighting on the frontlines with the last person he ever thought he’d trust.

War has come, and it’s up to Steve and Alex to make sure the right people win.

And as the jungles burn, stories rise like smoke.

Stories of strange things in the oceans.

And of monsters descending from the skies…

Pick up this book and join Steve in his incredible journey.

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