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Steve’s New Adventure Book 5: The Mushroom Temple (Changing Horizon)

Steve, Alex, and Kai have been shunned by Emerald City. Accused of stealing the dragon egg and the mythical Mooshroom, the three find themselves confined in the walls of a secure prison just outside of the city. When an old enemy promises Steve and his friends the opportunity to escape, Steve is about as hesitant as he is out of options.

In Book 5 of the Changing Horizons series, Steve and his friends must venture into a distant Jungle Biome in an attempt to find the Mushroom Temple. Rumor has it that it is where another Mooshroom is being kept. Steve soon finds himself in an exciting adventure where every corner brings new dangers. Turns out, Steve and his friends might not be the only people searching for the island’s hidden treasure.

Steve better hurry.

With every sunset, war looms closer and closer…
Pick up this book and join Steve in his incredible journey.

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