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Steve’s New Adventure Book 3: School of Magecraft (Changing Horizon)

Steve knew that one day he’d have to face the villainous Mr. Ender once and for all… but he didn’t think it would come so soon.

As the town Steve and his friends built in the middle of the ocean starts falling into chaos, Steve is transported to a mysterious castle on a cliff. The School of Magecraft, where wizards teach mages how to manipulate the world around them.

Strange truths about the world begin revealing themselves to Steve as he races against the clock to save those he cares about the most.

The good news? Steve has a special power. The ability to do things that nobody should be able to do.

The bad news? Mr. Ender has the power too, and he’ll stop at nothing to defeat Steve once and for all.

Time is running out for Steve. And on the horizon, an epic battle between good and evil is fast approaching…

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