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Steve’s New Adventure Book 2: The Redstone Manor (Changing Horizon)

Steve and his friends got separated from one another because of the sinister Mr. Ender.

On a journey across the world, with his faithful cow Daisy as his only companion, Steve has been searching high and low for the people who changed his simple life into something exciting. Something special.

But at night, he still can’t shake the feeling that he’s being followed by the same person who took his friends away from him. Mr. Ender. The man with the glowing purple eyes.

In Book 2 of the Changing Horizons series, Steve is getting much closer to reuniting with those closest to him than he even knows. Set around 1.8, the Bountiful Update, Steve is finally coming to terms with a world that seems ever-changing, ever-exciting, and ever-dangerous…

But things are about to change once again.

As Steve meets with both old and new companions, they take refuge in a strange manor.

A manor with more rooms than one could ever imagine.

A manor where every-so-often, the walls seem to shift…

Grab this book and unlock the mystery of the Redstone Manor.

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