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Steve’s New Adventure Book 18: Turmoil in Emerald City (Changing Horizon)

The lights are on in Emerald City, but that doesn’t mean the dark has loosened its deathly grip.

The stand-off between E.N.D and Chanterelle seems to finally be coming to a close. Daylight has become something of a distant memory to most people in the city, and the sudden appearance of crimson beacons in the night sky seems like a terrible announcement: something bad is about to come.

Director Diorite, however, insists that she has everything under control.

As Steve and Alex try their best to navigate a strange new world where the promise of sunrise has been all but lost, they know that their next move is crucial. As difficult choices become all that remains, the two must fight to survive the night and not become the villains they are trying to stop.

In a dark, damaged room, Chanterelle plays with the Command Block, knowing that pressing any wrong button could unleash irreversible consequences on the world…

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