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Steve’s New Adventure Book 17: Treachery in Emerald City (Changing Horizon) 

It’s been months since Chanterelle and her team of villains managed to turn the sun off, and Emerald City has been flooded with shambling, crawling, and exploding monsters. But as the E.N.D Foundation makes a new base of operations in the heart of the city, it seems like hope is on the horizon.

That’s the thing about hope, though.

It disappears just as quickly as it nears…

Steve, Alex, Stephanie, and Rodney – four of the best Agents in the Foundation’s fleeting arsenal – have gone missing during a special mission. Word is slow to spread among their allies, but Director Diorite knows that something bad has happened.

Now, a new team must set out and find them. Smith, Azure, Sunny, and Foxfree, as well as the twins Finn and Quinn, must find and save them as time runs out in a world where the mornings are just as dark as the midnights.

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