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Steve’s New Adventure Book 14: Operation Respawn (Changing Horizon)

Steve is starting to learn that the life of an Agent is rarely an easy one.

He and his friends have proven themselves, many times over. One successful mission after another means that Team Elytra is more confident in their abilities than ever before.

But Steve knows more than anyone that a changing world means things are rarely easy for long.

When he is taken out of the field due to an injury, Team Elytra is forced to operate without him and their resident medic, Smith. That leaves it up to Alex, Sunny, Azure, and Foxfree to complete Operation Respawn – a desperate attempt to restore the E.N.D Foundation’s resources by recruiting old members back.

But there are reasons why these people left in the first place.

As a colossal threat starts to move in from all corners of the world, Steve starts to worry as he dives head-first into a world of secrets.

And sometimes, being an Agent demands sacrifices.

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