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Steve’s New Adventure Book 12: Foxfree Dives Deep (Changing Horizon)

The oceans have changed, and a trio most strange has decided to set sail.

Far into the horizon, a humble ship manages to move. Every day it anchors itself on waveless waters, and every night, when the moon is high, it manages to move…

As Foxfree finally embraces his dream of becoming a pirate, his best friend, a fishbowl named Maurice, couldn’t be happier to follow along. But Maurice doesn’t need eyes to see that Foxfree might have underestimated the dangers of the deep. Joined by a reformed member of the Griefer Gang, the three set their sights on finding whatever treasure they can. Gold, emeralds, diamonds – no score is too big for Foxfree to ignore.

But a new fortune seems close by. A mythical place, called Lantis.

Some say it may be the only place that can save a cursed crew from their fates…

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