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Steve’s New Adventure Book 11: Azure Enters the Arena (Changing Horizon)

Azure has been a permanent fixture of Steve’s group since the beginning, but as everyone decides to go their separate ways, she now finds herself fighting the most difficult battle she has ever had to face: finding herself in a big, blue, blocky world.

The streets of Emerald City call to her, and she’s certain a metropolis as big as it can give her something to set her mind to. She’s always been the type to chase danger, but this time, the excitement comes to her…

An invitation – one that could grant her a spot in the biggest tournament in the world. In Emerald City’s Arena, dozens of players fight to be the last person standing. Their prize? Fame, glory, and more emeralds than you could ever hope to spend.

It seems like the perfect opportunity for Azure, except for one thing.

This year, players will be entering the Arena as groups…

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