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Steve’s New Adventure Book 10: Sunny Goes West (Changing Horizon)

Sunny had never imagined the kinds of adventures she would go on when she said she’d join Steve… nor that those times would ever end.

As the group scatters in the four directions of the wind, it’s only right that the quick-talking cowgirl Sunny finds herself in the western part of the world. There, she had reunited with her longtime companion, Dale, in a strange town called Savanna Flats.

But Sunny is about to learn that things work very differently on this side. In a lawless region known as No Man’s Land, you must earn your living, or face getting cast out into the white-hot warmth of the desert.

As Sunny’s kindness and will are tested by new challenges, she finds hope in a single, last resort: a bounty that could be her ticket to a new life…

Or one that might end up being the end of her.

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