The Adventures of Steve and Alex

Who is this figure who is the spitting image of Steve with blank white eyes?


Steve and Alex like to go on fun adventures together and venture into deep mines to unearth the most valuable resources.  But there is something eerie when they go mining one day and are unable to get any ore while feeling that they are being watched.
Returning to their homes their once peaceful world turns upside down when the following day a strange force descends after their little village. They are being attacked by charged creepers. 
Alex’s home is destroyed and the blame lies to a single man. A creature of legend, with blank white eyes known as Herobrine.

Will Steve and Alex be able to defeat this ancient threat?


The Hunt for the White Eyed Man

Mysterious creatures of fire burn down Alex’s village, causing her great personal loss. With sorrow in her heart and no home to turn to, she and the other surviving villagers make their way to a little town. Alex is greeted by the Dojo master, and given a place to stay. It is here that she trains in the art of archery, but more importantly, it is here that she makes friends with Steve, a boy about her age who is training in swordsmanship.

Soon they were best friends, and going on innumerable adventures together. But throughout these adventures, Alex felt as if the same force that had led to her village burning was following her in the shape of a man with white eyes.

Who was this mysterious character? And why was he always creating so much chaos?

Steve and Alex might not have the answers to all the questions just yet, but one thing is for sure: no one is safe while this white-eyed man roams free.

Will Alex and Steve be able to stop him?

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Book 2: The Fiery Dimension
Book 3: Defeating Herobrine

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