Diary of a Strider

Have you ever seen a Strider before?

Hey! My name is Morgan and I have decided to start writing a diary about my life. Striders are the masters and rulers of the Nether, and the bravest creatures in the crimson world. Well… maybe not really, but we are definitely proud to belong in the Nether.

The life of a Strider is quite peaceful, and there isn’t really much going on when you live on a landlocked lava lake. But things turned upside down in my life when my group of friends disappeared from the lake!

For the very first time in my life, I had to cross Doom Mountain on foot, the highest mountain near our home lake, and search for my missing friends.

Will I ever find my friends? What lies on the other side of Doom Mountain?

Diary of a Hoglin

With the recent turn of events, D’zort became the new Original Dragon after D’tort went missing for over 10 days. In order to take over the role of The One, D’zort had to undergo a special ritual which could convert him into a Nether Dragon again and grant him special powers exclusive to the Original Dragon.

However, the ritual fails and D’zort is tasked with a new mission. He must find out what exactly happened to D’tort and locate his whereabouts! He might have to enter the Overworld during one of the most dangerous moments: the war between Nether Dragons and Humans has broken out.

D’zort relies on the assistance of a new friend named D’vart to complete his new quest. How can D’zort locate the missing Original Dragon in his Hoglin form? What exactly did the Endermen do, and what was their purpose in kidnapping The One?

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