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The Master Hunter and His Witty Ocelot

I am a Minecraft Hunter. I hunt all over my seed for everything I need. And I follow a strict hunter’s code.

I push myself to the limit hunting the rarest drops. I force myself to live in the toughest biomes in order to train. I only use an enchanted bow and always surprise my enemies with stealth! One day, I will become the seed’s Master Hunter!

I travel with my companion animal, Trapper—he’s an Ocelot. Together, we hunt the toughest mobs, the rarest drops, and the strangest quests. I write them down in my diary to record the adventures!

This time, we get in a huge zombie battle, meet a weird priest who needs help finding some magical water in an Ice Fortress, deal with some gross slime—YUCK! And of course, I score all the coolest hunting achievements—because what else is there to hunt in life, my friends.


City of the End

The last time someone left the City of the End to go to the Overworld was 2000 years ago. 

In an attempt to save her city in the End World from Endermen attacks, Lana volunteered to go to the Overworld and ask for the King’s help.

But what Lana didn’t expect is that everything she knows about the Overworld is not what it seems! Her supposedly easy mission is bound to become one of the most difficult challenges in her life!

Just behind the portal, more mystery and exciting adventures awaits Lana. Along the way, she will discover not only the real story between the Overworld and the End City, she will also discover the true importance of trust and friendship.


Diary of an Adventurous Sheep

Get ready for one great Minecraft adventure that’s coming your way!

There’s a saying which goes like this: Curiosity killed the cat. Well, in this story, we can say that ‘curiosity might kill a sheep.”

Sebastian is not your ordinary white sheep. While other sheep enjoy munching grass and doing what a sheep usually do, Sebastian prefers excitement and loves to do things a sheep wouldn’t normally do.

He is indeed a curious little sheep.

  • But what if this curiosity lead him to a certain danger which might cost him his dear life and freedom?
  • What if his adventure seeking hooves get him into trouble with a stranger?

The adventurous sheep is about to learn a lesson. And Sebastian has no idea how hard that lesson will be!

Mark Mulle, one of Amazon’s bestselling author is here again to give you a one of a kind Minecraft experience.

Make sure you’ll grab this book today so you won’t miss out on the fun! See ya!!!


Dangerous Ascent

A young lad from the Ice Biome dreaming of becoming the greatest warrior. A Demon King from another world, and his thousands-strong army. The Minecraft World is about to face its biggest ever threat.

Lucas is a young lad from the Ice Biome known as Ironheim. His people are strong and brave, and he has a great desire: To become the greatest warrior that ever lives.

A terrible explosion lights up above Lucas’ village and they all realize: the giant flaming rock carries something much more dangerous inside. A Demon King from another world, and his thousands-strong army.

The Demon King is a powerful and cruel being, and he has claimed the Minecraft World with his seemingly unstoppable might.

Can the races of Minecraft unite and fight this enemy, or will they lose everything?

The great battle is about to begin.


Diary of a Courageous Ocelot

Unminful of the dangers lurking around the Minecraft world, two  young ocelots embark on a journey to find their missing father.

Lilly is an Ocelot and lives in the middle of the jungle with her family. She enjoys a happy life along her younger brother Olly, her mom Bella and her father Milo.

One day, Milo left their house and went on a mysterious journey to which he never came back from.

Determined to find their dad, Lilly and Olly runaway from their home and go on a journey to search their dad. What they still don’t know is how dangerous the blocky world can be with its menacing threats to the environment and scary mobs lurking just around the corner. 

Read Lilly’s diary and find out what great adventures are waiting for them in the world of Minecraft.

They thought Herobrine has been defeated. But the eyeless man is back stronger than ever. Do they have what it takes to beat him a second time?

Notch, James and Pauline have settled back into their quiet lives after defeating Herobrine. But when Pauline hears a rumor of someone seeing a spirit like Herobrine, the group heads towards a village by the sea to find out more. What they find begins a brand new adventure which takes them from a small village to a volcano and into the Nether. What is Herobrine going to do this time and can they stop him in time?


Is the legend of Herobrine true?

Notch has finally achieved his lifelong dream of tracking down the legend of Herobrine. His journey leads him to the temple that had been given to Herobrine in his honor. Notch is thrilled to discover treasure but his actions lead to unleashing the terrible force of Herobrine out onto the Overworld. Will Notch be able to figure out the mystery of Herobrine and put him to rest?

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This book contains thirty survival tips to help you become a pro at the game.

Learn the food to take, the ammunition to buy, the wood that will light the best fires, and the things to avoid in order to stay alive. Study the various ways to evade death and the food you need to stay energized. Understand the best metals for the game and how to protect your villagers from decimation.

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