My Evil Twin is Herobrine (Book 3): Another Herobrine? 

I’m ready for a Herobrine-free summer, and with my friends, I am sure I can get that. It’s not like a beach house can be haunted, right?

My name is Cody, and this summer has been wild already, but with friends like mine, I’m sure it’s going to be even wilder!

I think it’s safe to say that so far my summer has been worse than any other kid’s in the Overworld, but my friend, Patrick, is about to change all of that. His family is crazy rich, and he’s invited me and some of my other friends to stay at his family’s beach house for a few weeks! I can’t say no to an offer like that! I just hope that my parents can’t say no to an offer like that either… If I am with my friends, I am sure I will have more fun than I ever would at home. Besides, I’m dying to get away from all of the Herobrine drama that my brother has gotten me into.

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