Morris Magenta Creeper Inventor (Book 6): Morris Magenta Versus Edgar Rejecter

Morris Magenta’s greatest nemesis is Edgar Rejecter! Read their epic battle as they face off for the last time! 

In his my most dangerous adventure of all, our genius creeper go toe to toe with an enemy from his past. Edgar Rejecter, nefarious villain extraordinaire and the man who first turned Morris into a Minecraft creeper. After Egar’s defeat by Morris in the Annual Spleef Championships, Edgar takes shelter in the terrifying and trap-filled Rejecter Tower, where he hopes to find the time to develop new and evil schemes. And Morris cannot allow that.

Together with a crack team of companions Morris met on his many adventures, they mount a heroic assault on Rejecter Tower, and aim to get right to the top. They’ll find deadly traps, mind-bending mazes, pumpkin-headed nasties and ridiculous disguises, all on their quest to find Edgar Rejecter, and the machine that could turn our creeper inventor back into a human at last.

Can Morris together with his friends succeed in entering the Rejecter Tower and take Edgar down? Or will Edgar succeed in bringing Morris to his end and remain a creeper forever?

Find out and more in Morris Magenta’s most thrilling Minecraft adventure to date! Grab your copy of this exciting Minecraft Creeper Adventure Diary now!

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