Morris Magenta Creeper Inventor (Book 5): Champion Contender

From being a college professor, Morris the Creeper has turn his sights into the world of sports! Does he has what it takes to be a champion contender?

Our genius creeper was asked by a man named Happy to help enter a team for the annual Minecraftia spleef tournament (a game of kings and heroes). Along with a team of ill-fitting misfits, they’ll make their bid for sporting history.

In the daring grapple to win the cup, they’ll  face pumpkin-headed fiends, shovel-wielding pigs, an enemy from my past and vicious crimes against fashion. All in the name of sporting glory and the chance to be crowned champions.

Can Morris invention win for his team Minecraftia’s most coveted athletic recognition? Or will he run out of ideas that can save his team and be known as Minecraftia’s ultimate losers?

Find out and more in Morris Magenta’s most thrilling Minecraft adventure to date! Grab your copy of this exciting Minecraft Creeper Adventure Diary now!

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