Morris Magenta Creeper Inventor (Book 4): College Professor

Our genius creeper is having a grand time as a new college professor. But things take a sinister turn when university students and staft start to disappear at night, and there are reports of strange dark creatures arriving in town.

In his fourth adventure, Morris the creeper is hired as a redstone and mechanics professor at the charming Schumpville University. Reunited with Duffy Redherring, a courageous (and strange-talking) young girl with a talent for battling mobs, things seem rather pleasant as he live the life of a cheerful, stress-free life of a teacher.

But things take a different turn when university figures start to disappear one by one! Who are responsible for their disappearances? As Morris Magenta and his loyal Minecraft zombie butler investigate they were led  to mysterious mazes, portals to other worlds and to curious creatures from the End.  Can they save the town or will they disappear as well? 

Find out and more in this Minecraft Creeper Diary! 

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30 Little Unknown Minecraft Survival Tips

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