Morris Magenta: Creeper Inventor (Book 2): Hauntings Inspector

Are the scary stories about the Abernathy mansion true? Is there really a ghost haunting the place? Can Morris Magenta’s inventions help uncover the truth about paranormal activities? Or will the ghost be too much for Morris, the haunting inspector?

Greetings. My name is Morris Magenta, and I’m the world’s first and only creeper inventor. Together with my zombie butler, Undead Fred, I travel the world using my ingenious contraptions to solve puzzles, stop villains, and generally be a dashing and daring do-gooder.

In this, the second volume of my thrilling adventures, Fred and I become involved in a terrifying tale of ghosts, ghouls, and grannies. We are called into the creepy cliff-top mansion of Abernathy Manor, and we’re tasked to investigate stories of a hideous ghost that’s said to haunt the old house. Naturally, I do not believe in such things, but as the night goes on and things take a turn for the stranger, who knows what could be hiding behind every corner.

Teaming up with a host of other brilliant, bizarre, and block-headed ghost-hunters, this is the story of one night in Abernathy Manor, a place where things are not always as they seem. We’ll find angry jukeboxes, infamous thieves, terrified vicars and unflappable butlers, all on our mission to solve the mystery of the ghost of Dingle Abernathy.

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