Mob Adventures: Minecraft Book Collection

What is it like to live as a Minecraft Mob?

Read the adventures and misadventures of three crazy mobs in Minecraft – an Enderman, a Blaze and a Zombie Villager. Each with their own trilogy compiled in one book. That is nine complete exciting Minecraft stories. It is over 44,000 words to read. 

Follow the quest of Erik Enderman who turned from a block thief to a builder and his adventures with Steve as they searched for the Enderman’s treasure. Discover how lonely life can be as a Blaze and his journey to the Overworld with a Ghast. Can a Blaze and a Ghast survive the Overworld. Finally, join the exploits of a Villager turn into a Zombie Villager as he learns what is life like now that he is a Zombie Villager. Will he embraced his being a Zombie Villager or will he search for a cure to be a Villager once again.

Featured Minecraft adventures you will enjoy:

Book 1: Block Thief

Book 2: Adventures with Steve

Book 3: Legend of the Enderman’s Treasure

Book 4: Life In The Nether

Book 5: Escape The Nether

Book 6: Attack of the Zombie Pigmen

Book 7:Show Me How To Zombie

Book 8:In Search Of The Zombie Community

Book 9: Zombie Or Villager

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