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Lin the Piglin Book 7: Will the Light

There cannot be light without darkness, and life means nothing without the threat of death. These four divines hold say over their world. If only they could agree.

One villager in all the world can turn the balance of power back to normal. Right now, though, he wants nothing more than a bed to sleep in. Like most things in his life, he can’t even have that little pleasure as it will blow up in his face. Will never wanted to be a farmer, but as he had seen the life of a hero, he had time to rethink that. In fact, being stuck in the Nether had given him time to think about many things. Even make a new friend. A friend who is willing to challenge the Queen of the Brutes for her daughter’s hand. Wedding bells in the air echoed by the screams of Ghasts.

Will has a lot of growing up to do before he can get these young divine to sit down and behave. He doesn’t have anywhere to turn with the Light at his back and the Darkness coming straight for him. Will must go straight into the jaws of the Darkness if he wants to find the truth. The truth, like most things, however, can be blinding. When you stare into the darkness for too long, you can forget about the light.

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