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Lin the Piglin Book 6: When Will Is Not Enough

The apple never falls far from the tree. Will was born to the most powerful villager family in all of the Upper World.

A golden apple unlike any other, he was left to dream of being a hero at night while he toiled away to grow carrots under the hot sun during the day. If he is going to be a hero in the daylight, he will have to figure out what tree he fell out of. Will must climb it to the top if he is ever going to find his patch of sunlight in a world where the Darkness seeks to devour.

Pillagers go against their own nature as they attack under the command of the Darkness. Dreams threaten to turn his easy but boring life into a nightmare before his very eyes. The entire world is searching for a hero, and a pearl from the divine’s family tree threatens to tear the world apart. The undead walks the daylight without fear as the truth finally comes to light. Old faces in new places will show themselves in new ways before it’s all over. At the end of the day, it is all up to one young villager and his dumb cat.

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