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Lin the Piglin Book 4: The Little Pig Lin’s Way Home

Lin has been through a lot. Being the only piglin with heart enough to walk the Upper World would seem like a great thing. It was not. She had literally died to try and save Steve from the Nether. Mc Boned Face had managed to bring her back from the Darkness somehow, but that did not fix the world after all.

While everyone else was busy looking for something to do, the Withers found their way into the Upper World to reign havoc on everything. Now she has to save Steve from a fate worse than death. Mc Boned Face, a skeleton turned traitor to the Darkness was her only friend. A friend with a secret that she would do anything for; even risking her life once more. Lin has to race against the promise of a dream life as she descends into the end. She has to risk the wrath of her father by going back into the Nether.

New friends and deadly enemies await her to make the right choices. Like Steve told her when this all started, it is now and has always been her choice. But no one will tell her what the right choice is. At the end of the day, she will have to make it herself.

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