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Lin the Piglin Book 3: Witch Bone

Everyone faces darkness in their life, not like Mc Bone Face does, though. He is on a first-name basis with the darkness, and they are anything but friends.

Mc Bone Face had tried to live in peace, and he had tried to live with himself. Now he must try and live through a war he wants no part in the first place. His friends and family are all tied in the stakes and the mistakes he has made. There is nowhere to go but forward as the last parts of his heart and past come back to him while he struggles with the meaning behind his life.

The darkness is far from done with him and the world, even more so now that he has shown himself to be a direct threat to it. The divine are locked in a war and raging everyone into it.

Mc Bone Face will take on new never before seen foes and find new names for himself. He will risk it all for his family and friends. Perhaps Mc Bone Face will even make amends with Steve before the end. None of that matters as Mc Bone Face has to race across the world to save it from the darkness one last time.

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